Club Sea Breeze – Travel Business and Opportunity Review

Club sea breeze is the newest addition to the network and multilevel marketing opportunity based in the travel industry. The Companies mission statement is “to provide an innovative opportunity structure and a unique mixture of products that can empower ordinary people for a lifetime.” So is this truly a unique opportunity that can set the individual free?

Club Sea Breeze is a family owned and operated business that was created by Kelly and Andrea Williams and is about to start its prelaunch phase. The two main products begins with not only a lifetime travel club membership, but also a financial money manager system to help individuals and assist them in living within their means no matter the income level. The cost to start an opportunity starts at $397 or those who are associates will save with a cost of only $337. There are no recurring fees to join with CSB and or, to enjoy the benefits other than the price of the vacations offered to club members, the money manager system and the hosted replicated website.

The vacation products include savings on flights, rental cars and of course a generous savings on resort condos, resort villages and hotels at locations around the world. The opportunity to earn commission is based on the network marketing aspect of CSB and the individual member. Starting in your warm market with friends and family is usually where many individuals begin to promote their products and opportunities with network marketing businesses and this will be no different with CSB. For a yearly fee, any member or distributor of Club Sea Breeze can purchase a replicated website with hosting available. Of course this does not guarantee traffic and sales with your program, the training in marketing online will need to be learned.

The Money Manager system does come with a fee for the personal online tool of $19.97 per month as well. The compensation plan is typical of many multilevel marketing opportunities in the fact that CSB is based on a 2×2 cycling matrix. Although it does sound confusing, it is pretty simple to understand. By joining you enter onto the top of a cycle board and when you bring aboard 2 members you move down the board. When those two individuals eventually recruit two individuals then you will cycle off the board and into the first commission payment. This will take effort and some hard work not only to get two individuals recruited, but to help them to recruit as well.

The travel industry is a highly saturated industry, so much so that the competition is almost staggering. It will be necessary to do your due diligence completely before joining any network or multilevel marketing opportunity before investing any of your hard earned dollars. To create the income stated on the website it will be a must for you to quickly and effectively market and brand yourself as a leader with this opportunity to find success with Club Sea Breeze.